MUJJO leather iPhone 15 cases review

It is now time to take a closer look at the MUJJO leather iPhone 15 cases. The brand sat somewhere at the top of the heat in the category last year and is once again in 2023. With Apple’s leather covers going the way of the Dodo this year, brands like MUJJO offer up some of the only ways to wrap your new device in a proper leather cover. The same collection we reviewed last year is making a return for iPhone 15 alongside a new burgundy colorway and the all-new Shield model that combines leather and recycled plastic for a more protective option in the lineup. Head below for our hands-on review of the new MUJJO leather iPhone 15 case as part of the latest Tested with 9to5Toys. 

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MUJJO leather iPhone 15 cases review

The MUJJO leather iPhone 15 case lineup consists of a few different models. First, you have the straight-up leather treatments, alongside some with built-in wallet pockets on the back, as well as the more protective Shield model being introduced for the first time this year. The latter is the brand’s most protective yet and trades out the complete leather wrap for a recycled plastic that feels a lot like rubber around the sides. 

MUJJO is back again with another one of the more compelling leather cases for Apple’s latest handsets. We all know by now Apple has decided to eschew leather covers this year in favor of the somewhat divisive FineWoven treatment, making brands like MUJJO even more enticing for folks who prefer the natural hide approach. It, much like year’s past, is one of the better choices, in my opinion. 

The leather is thin and not overly supple, but it also makes for a notably thin approach to this kind of case while remaining rigid and relatively protective. This year, the brand has introduced a new burgundy colorway, and I, for one, am here for it. It’s not going to be for everyone and isn’t necessarily something I would normally gravitate towards, but after getting it wrapped around the new Natural Titanium iPhone 15 Pro, I will certainly be giving it some run time. While I didn’t get my hands on the brand’s Monaco blue and tan models this year, they are the same tones as the 2022 models I tested out last year, and I’m also a big fan of those options too. 

The inside of the case, once again, presents one of the nicer soft Japanese microfiber treatments, a feature I have always loved in a case, something I frankly expect in the $40+ category at this point and a choice I once again appreciate this year. 

The brand has also implemented its machined metal button covers – they feel great, offer up an almost addictive clicky feel, and fit perfectly on the iPhone 15 form factor. One thing of note here is that you’ll still feel the new Action button feedback through the case nicely without dampening the feel Apple has introduced on its new multiuse physical control. The button covers come in the same color as your case, just with a metallic finish, and you’ll also find this metal detailing around the raised bezel that surrounds the camera around back – another notable and functional design touch here, but one you’ll only find on the 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max models. (The others are wrapped in leather.)

To wrap up my thoughts on its leather cases, I can confidentially say they are a top contender in the category, as they were last year, with notable detailing around every bend of the new iPhone 15. And I would be surprised if you didn’t feel the same once you got your hands on one. 

This year, the brand also introduced a new case altogether with its Steel Blue and Black Shield variant for iPhone 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max – a slightly thicker and more protective take on its all-leather models. While there’s no denying the added protection it will bring to your device, for me, it’s not quite as notable as MUJJO’s classic side of the lineup. 

The back panel features a nice slab of vegetable-tanned leather, not unlike the others, but the raised camera bezel and edges are made of a sort of rubberized plastic material, as opposed to the complete leather wrap. The button covers don’t look or feel like metal to me because, well, they aren’t. They are, in fact, made of the same recycled plastic as the camera bump and side edges. We love it when brands take a more environmental approach to design, and the buttons work perfectly, but they just don’t look and feel quite as high-end to me. 

There is, however, is nice divot smoothly etched out of the sides of the case, adding some extra grip and a nice touch of design to the overall look here. And on another particularly positive note, the inside of the case features what feels like an even more plushy and protective microfiber treatment. 

It is a nice case for sure, and clearly better quality than just about anything in the $25-35 range that might look similar in pictures, not to mention offering up better overall protection, but it just doesn’t shine quite as much as the brand’s leather models for me personally.  

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