RICEBORO , Ga.  , Dec. 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- SNF has completed a two-year-long construction and expansion of ADAM (dimethylaminoethyl acrylate) monomer production capacity at our facility in Riceboro, Georgia . This expansion increases SNF's U.S. ADAM capacity by 80%. ADAM is the main feedstock for ADC80 cationic monomer, an essential component in all SNF cationic polyacrylamide-based polymers.

This new ADAM monomer capacity features a new catalyst that provides more process flexibility with an improved safety profile for our employees. Further, methanol, a by-product of ADAM production, will be used as a fuel source, making the process more sustainable and less reliant on natural gas. Acrylamide Producers

SNF Completes ADAM Expansion at its Riceboro, GA Facility

This expansion represents SNF's ongoing commitment to meet the increasing demand for cationic polyacrylamide-based polymers in wastewater treatment, oil & gas, and paper applications.

SNF is a specialty chemical group whose products contribute to treating, recycling, preserving water, saving energy, and reducing carbon footprint. A pioneer in soft chemistry, SNF has long been present on all continents, employing 6,900 people, including 2,100 in the USA . Innovation and movement towards a cleaner, less carbon-intensive world are great accelerators of SNF's growth.

With turnover of €3.6 Billion ($US 4.26 Billion ) in 2021, SNF is the world's leading manufacturer of water-soluble polymers and associated monomers. SNF has major production sites in the USA (Riceboro, GA ; Plaquemine, LA ; Pearlington, MS ); Europe (France , UK); and Asia (China , India , Korea), with many smaller plants located throughout the world.

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SNF Completes ADAM Expansion at its Riceboro, GA Facility

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