Foods Rich In Vitamin B5: Here Is Why You Should Have Them -

Vitamin B5 comes under the class of water soluble B vitamins. Known as pantothenic acid, it is also commercially available in the marketplace as D pantothenic acid, dexpanthenol and calcium pantothenate.

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Foods Rich In Vitamin B5: Here Is Why You Should Have Them -

It fights various diseases as well as mental disorders. Vitamin B5 ensures decrease of anxiety and stress levels inside the body. Its direct stimulus of hormones helps maintain both, physical and mental growth at their best.

Pantothenic acid is known to maintain the haemoglobin content in the blood, thus reducing chances of problems like iron deficiency or anaemia. It is perfect to consume optimal amount of vitamin B5, especially if you are already affected by anaemia.

Vitamin B5 maintains healthful functioning of the heart muscles. The vitamin also regulates the cholesterol levels and controls blood pressure level, thus avoiding any chances of hypertension.

Vitamin B5 keeps the skin and hair healthful and bright. It fights skin ageing and maintains the pigment in the hair.

Vitamin B5 is also very efficient in strengthening the resistance system of the body. It helps fight a number of common and deadly infections, by increasing your white blood cell count. Individuals with lower levels of immunity system should instantly incorporate vitamin B5 in their daily diet. Vitamin B5 acts as a synthesizer for all the elements necessary for healthful growth and sustenance of the human body. It plays a vital role in the utilization of proteins, fats, sugars and amino acids.

Vitamin B5 is known to replenish energy and continue maintaining body stamina. It reduces everyday fatigue and keeps you active as well as on your legs the entire day. Athletes and professionals subjected to thorough physical exertion need vitamin B5 products all the more.

Foods Rich In Vitamin B5: Here Is Why You Should Have Them -

Difference Between L Carnitine And L Carnitine Tartrate Vegetables that are rich in vitamin B5 are mushrooms and cauliflower. Meat and dairy products are rich in vitamin B5. Fruits that are rich in vitamin B5 include corn and strawberries. Sunflower seeds and nuts are a rich source of vitamin B5. Include these in your everyday diet to stay healthy and fit.